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"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible ."
---Arthur C. Clarke
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20th Boys/Girls CIAC Open Championships
28th Boys/Girls New England Championships - Boston
11th-13th NBIN at the Armory
20th SAVE THE DATE Awards Banquet-Westport Inn Details

CIAC Class LL Championships

Girls 4th, Boys 5th

FCIAC Championship

Girls 4th; Boys 3rd
Werner & DeBalsi are FCIAC Champions
Competitor/Event Result
Girls 4x800 2nd/9:57.05
Girls SMR 6th/4:36.95
Boys 4x200 6th/1:39.75
Boys 4x800 4th/8:22.71
Boys SMR 8th/
DeBalsi/1600  **FCIAC Champion ** 1st/5:10.08
Zara Ahmad/1600 6th/5:40.91
DeBalsi/3200  **FCIAC Champion ** 1st/10:57.63
Martin/3200 5th/11:42.23
R.Schachne/HJ 2nd/5-00.00
Chapman/HJ 4th/4-10.00
Larkin/300 6th/37.63
MacCordy/600 8th/1:27.71
Lewis/1000 2nd/2:36.41
Foster/1000 3rd/2:37.91
Zakeer Ahmad/1600 2nd/4:29.21
Gornbein/1600 4th/4:31.77
Landsdowne/1600 5th/ 4:33.69
Zakeer Ahmad/3200 5th/9:45.62
Harrington/3200 7th/9:46.47
Werner/SP  **FCIAC Champion** 1st/44-01.50

FCIAC Western Division Championship

Boys 2nd; Girls 4th
Schachne, DeBalsi, Ahmad and Lewis win
Results Photos
Competitor/Event Result
DeBalsi/1000M 1st/3:06.42
DeBalsi/1600M 1st/5:19.32
Martin/1600M 4th/5:31.19
K.SMith/1600M 6th/5:34.90
DeBalsi/3200M 1st/11:05.73
Martin/3200M 4th/11:58.61
Parmar/3200M 6th/12:14.33
Girls 4x240 4th/2:25.79
Girls 4x400 6th/4:57.18
Girls 4x800 2nd/10:49.77
Girls SMR 6th/4:50.48
R.Schachne/HJ 1st/5-00.00
Chapman/HJ 2nd/4-10.00
Mysel/LJ 6th/13-10.50
Larkin/300M 2nd/38.45
MacCordy/600M 3rd/MacCordy
van der Merwe/600M  5th/1:29.68
J.Lewis/1000 1st/2:42.07
B.Foster/1000M 3rd/2:42.65
Z. Ahmad/1600M 1st/4:37.37
Gornbein/1600M 4th/4:40.63
Z.Ahmad/3200M 3rd/10:07.00
Harrington/3200M 4th/10:09.85
Landowne/3200M 5th/10:11.39
Boys 4x240 4th/2:03.07
Boys 4x400 2nd/3:44.74
Boys 4x800 2nd/8:50.12
Boys SMR 2nd/3:56.47
Ellis/HJ 5th/J5-04.00
Keeton/PV 3rd/11-00.00
Werner/SP 3rd/42-00.00

Yale Scholastic Invitational

Day 1 Results
Day 2 Results

Z.Ahmad running the mile at Yale Photo Credit: M Smith
Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800 4th / 8:13.55
Boys DMR 5th / 10:40.30
Lewis/800 4th/ 1:57.98
Boys 4 x 400 2nd / 3:31.53
Girls 4 x 800 9th / 10:28.53
Z. Ahmad/ Mile 9th / 4:28.86

East Coast Invitational

Complete Results on Wilbur Race Systems
Reece Schachne clears 5'-04", takes 4th place

Elm City Invitational

Complete Results
Photos from MSR

Hillhouse Winter Relays

Boys Win 4x400, 4x800 & SMR;Tie for 2nd Overall
Complete Results

FootLocker Cross Country Nationals

Hannah DeBalsi - All American Again!!!
Westport News
Results and Splits


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Sunday, March 20th 5pm
Westport Inn
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Wreckords & Awards
Laddie Lawrence- Head Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray  - Head Girl's Coach

Boy's Assistant Coaches
Jon Foster, Joseph Pepin, Dan Devore

Girl's Assistant Coaches
Scott Burns, Cody Simpson, Lynroy Henry


Hannah DeBalsi
Angelee Parmar
Reece Schachne
Katharine Smith
Ben Foster
Chase Gornbein
Philip Han-Lemus
James Lewis