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A Quick History

June 2013 Update: 4.8 Million Hits in the past 12 months. Thanks.

This site was created in October 2003 to keep our extended family informed about our son who was running for the Staples High School boys' cross country team. By the end of the season, it was opened to the Staples and FCIAC communities. Over the next year, it grew to include the boys' indoor and outdoor seasons and all of the girls' teams as well.


With our second runner coming through Staples and graduating in 2006, we continued to own and maintain the site. There have been many parents who contributed photographs but special thanks go out to Michael Lonsdale and Ted Sullivan who logged hours taking photos in all sorts of weather. Thanks also to Libby Spader(Naficy) who was the site's intermediary for the 2006-2007 school year.


At the time of our third and final runner graduating from Staples in June 2011, the site completed for twenty-four seasons of Staples sports on the web and at one time or another displayed more than 20,000 photos.


Why choose the name StaplesRunning?

The question comes up from time to time about why is the name There's no real answer except... It sounded good for the cross country season. Who knew the site would still be in existence during the track and field season much less this many years later.

- Mary and Mark Hanrahan