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Laddie's CHSCA Hall of Fame Induction Speech


One day we were eating lunch with Laddie and he pulled out a pear. He inspected it and then he looked up and said: "Why do they call it a pear? There's only one of 'em!"
- submitted by Caroline Smith on 12/7/11
It may not be a Laddie-ism but...

Caroline Smith, Laddie and Georgia Kursten

Laddie: "Book should name his daughter Rita. That way she'd be Rita Book!"

submitted by Tyler Book on 1/30/10

Laddie: What if Petersen's first name was Pete?
Sean: He wants to name his first born son that.
Laddie: Pete Petersen...they would call him rePete.

-submitted by Sean Edelman on 1/20/08

Today during practice a boy was asking Laddie how much longer they had to do their workout, and Laddie responded by saying "stop bothering me about the time, its one minute later than it was a minute ago!"

submitted by K. Wynkoop on 1/16/08

What type of dreams do female horses have?
Night Mares

A Sandwich walked into a restauraunt and asked for a bowl of soup. The Waiter said "We don't serve food here."
submitted by Sam Zorfas on 1/8/08

You know what they say about the resturants on the moon...They really have no atmosphere at all.
submitted by Casey August on 12/22/07

"It will probably be icy if there's ice outside."
submitted on 12/21/07

John: "Laddie is the weight room mandatory today?"
Laddie: "No, it's actually warm and pleasant."

submitted on 12/21/07

Kaestli is concerned about the speed of his workout as he recovers from an injury:
"Well, can you run a minute in sixty seconds right now?...okay, good"

As submitted on 10/23/07 by  Alex Peterson ~

Andrew Lawrence: "Dad, your getting senile"
Laddie: "I went to Egypt once, and I saw the Nile!"
Contributed by Dexter Garcia '08
Look for the 35 pound weight. It's 10 pounds shorter than the 45.
A wigwam and a teepee went to a therapist complaining of headaches and stress. The therapist told them "The problem is your two tents."  
Submitted by Amanda Parrish
"We'll be back to school by 6:30. But there's always the L. A. F. Thats the Laddie Adjustment Factor. If you're in Wilton, it's 30 minutes. If you're in Hartford, it's 2 hours."
from the Wilton?NC/Ludlow/Warde XC  meet 10/04/05
Did you hear about the procrastinator's club? It was postponed. Submitted by Jeremy Rothstein.
"Lets see some noise."
"Well... it's always warm where it's hotter." FCIAC Outdoor Meet, Danbury Track, 5/04
"If you need me, I'll call you."
"Be like a farmer...outstanding in your field."
"Did you hear about the marriage of the two TV antennas? Their wedding wasn't so great but the reception was fantastic."
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