Block S

Have you packed the following essentials in your bag the night before?

  •  bagel, fruit or other healthy, easily digestible snack to be eaten after your race
  •  running shoes
  •  racing flats (optional)
  •  uniform
  •  white short-sleeve t-shirt
  • white long-sleeve t-shirt
  • shorts (to wear over your uniform shorts)
  • hat and gloves (running gloves--not the skiing variety)
  • warm-ups/sweat suit/ running tights
  • some kind of rain resistant jacket
  • extra socks and underwear
  • water bottle (to be filled at school)
  • extra short-sleeve t-shirt
  • roll of toilet paper (hey, you never know)

Optional List

  • money
  • some homework
  • music in ipod or other personal device
  • bag lunch
  • garbage bag to be used a raincoat or seat


Footballs, frisbees, soccer balls, large radios...any toys that detract from our purpose -- which is to remain calm, focused, and respectful of others until we have left the meet site.